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Welcome to FOSS . 

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FOSS provides Lighting design and consulting services.

When you visit our site, you may be asked to provide personal information about us (name, surname, email, address, etc.) so that we can provide you with the best possible services. Any personal data that you declare on our site is strictly for the sole purpose of dealing with us, improving the services provided and ensuring the operation of the respective service, and may not be used by any third party (except where provided from the Law to the competent authorities alone).

In any case, employees with access to your personal data are specific and unauthorized access to your personal data is prohibited. Any reasonable measure to secure your data has been taken. Your personal information in some cases may also be communicated to affiliates in order to support, promote and execute your business relationship with us, but always under conditions that ensure that your personal data is not tampered with.

At any time, the user retains the right to update or object to the further processing of his or her data in accordance with the applicable law on personal data protection and has the following rights:

Access and Information

You have the right to obtain information about what data we have collected, for what purpose we have collected and for how long we will maintain it.


You have the right to ask us to correct any inaccurate information about you or even to fill out additional information about you.

Restriction and Counterfeit Processing

You have the right to ask us to restrict or exclude the processing of your personal data if you question the accuracy of the information we hold for you if you realize that we process your data in an illegal manner or if you no longer want to receive promotional messages about products and our services.


You have the right to ask us to transfer your personal data to another organization for you.


Finally, you have the right to ask us to delete your personal data when it is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose that we have collected them, if you wish to withdraw your consent to the processing of these data and if your data is being processed illegally in violation of the Privacy Policy.

If you wish to exercise these rights, please contact us by email at

What personal Data we collect

FOSS collects personal data that you provide voluntarily.
The categories of personal data that FOSS collects and processes when browsing its website are as follows:
- Curriculum vitae: Contact details - information about your name, place and date of birth, address, telephone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, job history, including job positions and corporate brands, Education Information, Interests - Information you provide about the areas you are interested in.
- Event participant name and email address.
- General geographic location (such as country and city) from which a visitor has access to the website
- Information on how you use our website, including information obtained through cookies (see Terms of Use, Cookies).
- Newsletter registration

How we collect personal data

FOSS collects and processes your personal data in the following cases:
- if you contact us to request help with the use of the website,
- if you submit your data in electronic form to our website,
- if other companies of FOSS and our business partners provide us your data in a permissible method.
If you provide personal data for a third party, you must first ensure that you have read this Privacy Policy.
Please help us to keep updated your personal data by informing us of any changes.

For what purposes we process personal data

The processing of personal data must be justified by one of the lawful bases applied, as described below.

a) Contractual performance and contractual obligations, including communications on the services requested.
FOSS may process your contact information to create and manage a contractual relationship, to provide the requested services or to respond to reports or complaints.
FOSS may also use your contact information, especially your email address, to provide you information about the services you require.
Data provision is required by FOSS to manage a contractual relationship. In the absence of data, we will not be able to activate any contractual relationship.

b) Business management for strictly related purposes, such as access to the website.
FOSS collects your contact details to allow you access in our website in order to: (i) upload any documents relating to the purpose of your visit; (ii) activate any other requests submitted through the website.
Accurate data provision is required in order to respond to your requests. With incomplete data, we will not be able to respond to your requests.

c) Analyses and statistical surveys. We collect information on the use of our website. This information is required in analyses and statistical surveys to improve the services of our website.

d) At any time, you have the right to change, restrict or even interrupt your communication with FOSS.
Please be informed that we may contact you even after you submit us your request for deletion from our systems, as we may need some time to process your request.
Your personal data are processed mainly through IS that follow high security standards in full compliance with applicable law.

How safe are the personal data

We protect your personal data against unauthorized or unlawful use thereof. In particular, we use appropriate security measures that guarantee: data confidentiality, integrity and availability, resilience of processing systems and services and ability to restore data in the event of a physical or technical incident. We regularly test, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of security measures for ensuring the improvement of data processing security.
Your personal data are stored in business partners’ servers, and/or in secure copies on paper. Processing and accessibility of your data strictly follow our internal procedures and the privacy policy we apply.
Our security measures include:
- restrict access to your personal data, solely for the purposes for which the data are processed
- perimetric security systems to prevent unauthorized external access,
- monitoring access with IS to identify and block any misuse of personal data,
- monitoring access by authorized users to assess the purpose of processing.

How long we keep personal data

Whenever we collect or process your personal data, we will retain them for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which they are collected or for any other relevant and legitimate purpose.
When your personal data are no longer necessary or when there is no longer any legal obligation for retention, they will be erased and / or destroyed.
The periods of retention of your personal information are described below:
a) Compliance with contractual obligations: Data processed to comply with any contractual obligation will be retained for the entire duration of the contract and for 10 years after its expiration to verify any outstanding issues including accounting documents.
b) Business management and strictly related purposes for access to the website: data processed for these purposes will be retained for 10 years after the end of the purpose of its use.
c) In case of disputes: if it is necessary to defend ourselves or take action or appeal against you or third parties, we will retain the personal data we consider necessary for this purpose and for the time necessary to establish, exercise or defense the legal claim.

Cookies Policy – Social media plugins

What are cookies?

As with most websites, the present website accepts the use of cookies, so that we can detect general use repeated patterns for our website’s better operation. Cookies are small text files that are transferred to your computer’s hard drive through your web browser. The browser stores the cookies and provides us with some information regarding the visitor’s/user’s activity on the website (e.g. personal settings that you have used) and it does not, under any circumstances, regard personal recognition.

The first time you visit our website, a cookie policy notification shows up. If you accept the present cookies policy, then a cookie is stored in your browser. The cookie contains no personal information and is being stored only for 60 days. You may always choose to clear the cookie contents at any time.

How do we use cookies?

Types of Cookies we use


Manage cookie preferences

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You can change your cookie preferences any time by clicking the above button. This will let you revisit the cookie consent banner and change your preferences or withdraw your consent right away.

In addition to this, different browsers provide different methods to block and delete cookies used by websites. You can change the settings of your browser to block/delete the cookies. Listed below are the links to the support documents on how to manage and delete cookies from the major web browsers.




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If you are using any other web browser, please visit your browser’s official support documents.

Google analytics

The present website uses Google Analytics, an online data analyzing service, offered by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies as well as a pseudonimized profile use in order to facilitate the analysis of your use of the website. This information is used for the evaluation of your use of our website, for the drafting of reports regarding website activities and the provision of extra services associated with the use of the website and the internet for market research purposes, depending on the needs. IP addresses are rendered anonymous, so that it cannot lead to an identifiable person (“IP-masking”). No other personally identifiable information is transmitted to Google for the purpose of the operation of Google Analytics.

The information received from the cookies regarding your browsing session (including your IP address) is transmitted to a Google server in the USA and it is stored therein. The data created for statistical reasons are deleted by Google Analytics following a period of [36]months. Reports drafted based on Google Analytics no longer refer to persons.

Google can also transmit the above information to third parties, provided there is such a provision by the law or in case third parties process this data on its behalf. You may deactivate Google Analytics, choosing the appropriate settings in your navigation program. By using this website, you agree to the processing of your personal data collected by Google, in the way described above and to the abovementioned purpose. If you do not wish that Google receive information from your navigation system, when you visit websites, you can be exempted from Google Analytics by clicking here.

Principles of data processing

Our Company collects and processes the personal data it has collected from you in a lawful manner. We ask that you provide us only with the minimum necessary information for the purpose of the processing of your data. Moreover, the processing of your personal data is limited only to the purposes for which you have granted us with your explicit consent or for the purpose of the operation of the present website.


Regarding any enquiry or question arising from the present privacy policy you can contact us at the following contact details:


14562 ,GREECE